After 20 months of doing various SKCC rides from beginner level up, I finally felt ready to put my hand up when Bicycle Network asked for some female SKCC riders to lead women’s groups in four of the ATB rides.

We met our group at the Clubhouse in the event village and rode out together as a bunch. Two of the women in my group had turned up to do the ride alone and were happy and relieved  to find that they wouldn’t be riding alone after all. One lady had come all the way from Adelaide to ride her first century, after years of waving her husband off at the ATB start line!

We stayed together and made sure no one got left behind. It was great to see their confidence grow as the ride progressed. I found myself doing things that other ride leaders had done to help pave the way for me previously: pointing out various obstacles like drainage grates and pot holes, teaching the women how to paceline home against the headwind, and giving them a tow when they were fatiguing in the wind.  They were incredibly  appreciative of our support and also of BN’s support of the women’s cycling community.

I came away with a feeling of deep satisfaction for having helped this group of women on their cycling journey, and also gratitude to SKCC and the wonderful SKCC community for having supported me on my own journey. There is truly no better feeling than paying it forward in this way.

Wendy Lau