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The SKCC Albert Park Grand Prix Kermesse for Sunday March 8 at the Albert Park Lake F1 GP Circuit is GO, GO,GO!!! 
It’s a longer (4.2km) course than our usual crits, and on a hot-dog format with 2.1 kilometres in between each hair-pin turn, which should test the legs as you accelerate out of the turns twice on each lap, as well as the usual VO2 demands of criterium or kermesse racing. Make no mistake; it’s going to be a tough, but exciting morning’s racing!

Apart from the change in course, we will be running a normal race schedule; that is: normal race times apply – all grades as normal (incl E grade & Juniors).

  •   7:15am  
      C Grade Women (35mins + 1 lap)
      E Grade Open (25mins + 1 lap)
      B Grade Juniors (15mins + 1 lap)
  •   8:00am
      A Grade Women (50mins + 1 lap)
      B Grade Women (40mins + 1 lap)
      A Grade Juniors (20mins + 1 lap)
  •   9:00am
      B Grade Men (55mins + 1 lap)
      D Grade Men (45mins + 1 lap)
  • 10:15am
      A Grade Men (60mins + 1 lap)
      C Grade Men (50mins + 1 lap)

Please note the following as well:

  • Vehicle access for Team tents only between 5:30 and 6:30. If later then that – tents to be carried in.
  • All tents must be weighted down. No Pegs. No stakes.
  • Normal race registration online
  • Warm-up on Aughtie Drive. No warm up laps on the course.
  • No parking on Ross Gregory Drive
  • Access to Registration from the northern end is via Aughtie Drive off Albert Road
  • Access to the circuit from the southern end is off Lakeside Drive at Village Green Drive
  • There is no entry to the actual race circuit from the Albert Road end (Turn 1) – even if riding your bike.
  • Parking as indicated 

    See the graphic above for details on the course we’ll be racing on, how to get there, where to park, and where to register.