What a cracking day at the 2012 SKCC World Championships with perfect weather, record start lists and record crowds the day was always going to be a success and a success it was with only SKCC riders racing it was an incident free day.

With this much talent surely they had to win.

The SKCC World Championship festivities got off to a perfect start on Friday night with the Bikeforce Points Series BBQ finale at Bikeforce Docklands where Peter Hood was the lucky winner of a $5000 Pinarello. It was a great turn out with over 70 people coming along with the chance of snaring one of the many great prizes on offer.

It was great to have the biggest bicycle company in the world on hand – Giant  to rectify any mechanicals.

A big thanks goes to Kristin for all the hard work she put into running the after Party… she was awesome and also to Hayden on the BBQ tools as well.  Also a huge thanks to O2 racing for spending their year’s prize money on the party and finally Total Rush for the wine.

The Men’s Elite Race had a massive field of 80 riders.

The Men’s Elite race had a record field of 80 riders and the talk was could anyone or any team knock off the mighty O2 Racing team. With near perfect conditions and little wind the chance of any breakaway being a success was always going to be difficult but that didn’t stop anyone from trying.

The Artisan boys Lachlan and Will talking tactics prior to the race. Both went on to ride well.

From the moment the BMW X5 M pulled away to signal the start of the race the attacks came and came fast. Total Rush was intent on making life as difficult as possible for O2 and everyone else. After the first 3 laps there were riders already struggling on the back and trying to keep up with the pace. After 15 minutes 4 riders had been dropped and by halfway 10 riders were out.

The pace wasn’t that fast as Hollywood had time to blow a kiss to his girlfriend Alison.

Total Rush’s David Kelly knew his best chance of victory would come in a break but the weather conditions did not lend themselves to a break, there was just too many wheels and too much speed in the bunch. His Total Rush teammates of Skinny Luke and Ben Hegarty rode strong and where not afraid to drive the pace.

Fleur with her beautiful bouncing boy

The Bike Gallery team led by Captain Cam McDonald rode well and were always active. Dan “The Big Show” Wilkins was switched on and looked good with team mate Dave Fisher. The Artisan boys fresh from their B Grade victory in the Dandenong crit the day before all rode well and proved they are a quality team of quality riders.

Chris with a couple of future bright stars.

 Ironman Stuart “Grant Kenny” Hill (Sole Devotion) was keen to impress in what was the Sole Devotion teams last race before they enter an exciting new phrase with complete new sponsors and new kit. Stuart was attentive at the front and was also keen to try and escape the pack. He was well supported by the yapping and focused Lee “Hollywood” Turner and Peter English both from Sole Devotion. Hayden Kerr who had just flown in from overseas at 8am rushed straight from the airport to the start line in an incredible performance.

Supercoach Stu McKenzie with the Giant SKCC Ladies team

Anytime a break went there were at least two O2 Racing riders in it. O2 Racing meant business today and with Michael Klim, Scott Macgory and Robbie McEwan all speaking to them in motivational talks over the last 2 weeks you knew they didn’t come here to muck around. O2 Racing’s director Mark Hindmarsh was calling the shots from the side and his troops answered every call.

O2 Racings DS Mark “Mooksy” Hindmarsh calling the shots from the sidelines

Aaron Salisbury loomed as the danger man coming in to the last 3 laps. Aaron is tough, fearless and takes no prisoners as the fight began to get on the forming O2 Racing train.  Robert Crowe was a scary sight near the front and former Champion certainly knows where to be and how to win. It was a question whether his powerful tired legs could muster up the strength one more time. 

David Kelly is like the cyborg from Terminator, he just never stops. Here is pictured with Total Rush work horse Luke Skinny McKenzie

With 2 laps to go the O2 train was in full flight, Andrew Siwka did his job, Andy “Party” Naylor did his, former Aussie Road Champion Allan Iacone was next in line and he too did his job.
The bunch was starting to fracture all over as the high pace was taking its toll. On the bell lap the pace went up again and when Duncan “The Monster” Smith went to the front the pace kicked again hitting 60kmh an hour as Duncan came out of the last corner it was Dynamite David Loakes on his wheel with the whole weight and expectation of the O2 Racing team on his shoulders, he had to fight and convince his O2 bosses he was the man to take it and anything but a win would be a disaster.

It was obvious why Total Rush’s Chris MacKay struggled and didn’t finish 🙂

Dynamite came off Duncan’s wheel hard and launched like a mini rocket to the line, he was nervous as he had been overrun numerous times this season and psychologically it had taken an effect on him. However this time he beat his demons and took out a massive win by 2 bike lengths over a fast finishing Aaron Salisbury 2ndwith Velo Bourne’s Steve Martin taking 3rd.

Robert Crowe is still very much a superstar and still a relevant force in 2012

With over 30 women all vying for the coveted title of SKCC club champion, the racing was always going to be fast and furious. It certainly didn’t disappoint with the avg speed clocking near 40kph for the 50 minute race. Even the neutral lap had a little bit of jostling for position unlike the usual calm start to the race and as soon as the flag was dropped to start racing, Amy Bradley (Total Rush) made her intentions clear launching off the line with Clare Morgan (SKCC/Giant) taking up the challenge. The first 10 minutes continued like this, with SKCC and Total Rush keeping the pace high.

Amy Bradley (Total Rush) drops the hammer and goes off the front yet again.

 The first real break of the day came when Carly Williams (Total Rush) and M6 rider Pip Read (SheSpoke) combined forces and gained a few seconds advantage on the bunch. Sensing the threat, reigning champ Jenny MacPherson (Rapido Cycles)  popped out from her hiding spot within the bunch and launched across the gap, closely followed by Tanya Matthewson (Total Rush).

Carly Williams powers away in a solo break. The Total Rush girls did everything to try and avoid a sprint

Clare Morgan tried to go across, but was marked by Amy, and so after some hesitation, the SKCC/Giant girls Alison, Marlena, Madi, Jussy and Jodie started working to bring back the break. The break was working fairly well together, however after about 10 minutes out front they were reeled back in. A counter attack came straight away from Amy, and she quickly put some distance between herself and the peloton. Madi Pape (SKCC/Giant) tried to go with the move, however wasn’t able to, and joined in with her team mates to chase the break down. After a few laps out front, the gap had grown to over the length of the straight, however once the chase was organised it only took a few more laps for Amy to be brought back in to the bunch.

Pip Read shows age is no barrier as she drives the front with the super spunk Alison McCormack right behind

All eyes were on the glamorous Alison McCormack to see how she would handle the step up in class. Alison handled it with ease and was positioned well the whole race and was on the front numerous times enjoying working with the other big hitters. 

No comment

No sooner had that happened, then Tanya and Carly both had another attempt off the front, this time solo. It wasn’t to be however and it seemed likely that the race was going to come down to a bunch sprint, which meant the odds on JMac had come down to even betting. With just over a lap to go, Claire Homsey (Becoz) launched down the side of the bunch on the back straight and got a gap however was quickly chased down, and Total Rush took over the front of the pack to control the final lap. Hitting the final corner, it was Jmac and Tanya side by side with the more experienced sprinter romping home to easily take the win for the 2nd year running. Clare Morgan showed she’ll be a sprinter to watch as the year goes on and took out 2nd, with Tanya Matthewson rounding out the podium in 3rd.

With 2 laps to go Alison McCormack was right in the action with Total Rush big hitter Carly Williams to the left and the supersonic Jenny MacPherson on the right with her Capo teammate Leesa right behind

In the ‘Old Ducks’ category, Pip Read took out M6, and in a closely contested sprint, Kerry Baumbartner took out M4/5 ahead of Renee Nutbean.

Unstoppable. J-Mac has a monster kick and powered to the line to defend her title

The Masters Race was a cracker with another quality field. Malachi Moxon (Sole Devotion) was like an attack dog chasing down every break and burying himself for his team mate Tim McGrath.

A focused looking Malachi before the race

Adrian Vlok and Brad “The Magnet” Speller did enormous amounts of work on the front and last year’s winner Bill Gordon from Bike Force was always lurking dangerously.  The best break of the day came from Marcus Balscheit who managed to put 25 seconds into the main field and had over a straight on them.  This sprung Malachi Moxon , Tim McGrath & Mat Pringle into action to quickly bring Marcus back.
With a lap and a half to go SKCC President Anthony Seipolt attacked the field and got out on his own and quickly set up a handy gap coming into the bell lap but once again it was Malachi Moxon who chased him down with some help from Andy Pike (Giant Velobourne). They caught him on the back straight and coming into the last corner Bill Gordon powered up the outside and hit the last corner first. Adrian Vlok was caught back but still managed to close down on new found sprinter Tim McGrath who faded late. Bill was just too good in the end and defended his title to take the win ahead of Adrian Vlok with Tim McGrath 3rd.

Bike Force’s Bill Gordon does it again

Mass Start Men’s Open Club Championship & MAS2/3 (80 starters)
Men’s Club Champion
1. David Loakes
2. Aaron Salisbury
3. Steve Martin

A family affair. SKCC Champ David Loakes with mum and brother

Men’s MAS 2/3 Champion
1. David Loakes
2. Aaron Salisbury
3. Richard Braic

Stuart Trip is an all-round great guy and great champion. SKCC is right behind him in his quest for Olympic selection

Mass Start Men’s MAS4/5 + MAS6 + (26 starters)
Men’s MAS 4/5 Champion
1. Bill Gordin
2. Adrian Vlok
3. Tim McGrath

Party time for the Magnet

Men’s MAS6+ Champion
1. Brad Speller
3. Jeff Provan
4. Neil Jeffs

Look at the O2 Racing train go

Mass Start Women’s Open Club Champion/MAS2/3, MAS4/5, MAS6+ (31 starters)
Women’s Club Champion
1. Jenny MacPherson
2. Clare Morgan
3. Tanya Matthewson

J-Mac lets loose after another great win

Women’s MAS 2/3 Champion
1. Jenny MacPherson
2. Clare Morgan
3. Tanya Matthewson

A couple of SKCC’s young superstars

Women’s MAS 4/5 Champion
1. Kerrie Baumgartner
2. Renee Nutbean
3. Lysiane Belton

David Loakes sure knows how to party and he had plenty of helpers Sunday night

Women’s MAS 6+ Champion
1. Philippa Read

Mass Start Juniors Club Championships + Handcycling Championships (6 starters)
Boys JNRU19 Champion
1. Bradley Erickson
2. Adam McGillivray

The Liv / Giant girls love SKCC and just wish they could jump across. You only liv once girls 🙂

Boys JNRU17 Champion
1. Theo Hassan

This guy was very popular

Boys JNRU15 Champion
1. Sam Byrne

All style the lot of them.

Girls JNRU19 Champion
1. Molly Tilbrook

Rapha girls Kristin and Liz.

Handcycling Champion
1. Stuart Tripp

Adrian Vlok gave us most of the great shots today along with James MacPherson, Kristy Baxter and the rest I stole off peoples’ Facebook