RACE DATE: 8 December 2019
VENUE: South Melbourne
EVENT: SKCC Criterium – Club championships and Peter Bolton/Damian Drapac memorial sprint.  Club champs were run with a different format this year, with riders from all clubs participating, but only SKCC members (wearing club kit) being eligible for the championship.



A Grade (51 starters)

1. Graeme Frislie (Brunswick CC)
2. Shannon Johnson (SKCC)
3. Pat Drapac  (Brunswick CC)

Sprint prime:  Pat Drapac (Brunswick CC)

SKCC club champs
1. Alex Edney
2. Lee Turner
3. Jesse Fergie

Women A (17 starters)
1. Molly Patch (Brother UK-Fusion RT)
2. Grace Brown (SKCC)
3. Kerry Jonker (SKCC)

Sprint prime:  Molly Patch (Brother UK-Fusion RT)

SKCC club champs
1. Grace Brown
2. KerryJonker
3. Amy Bradley

B Grade (36 starters)
1. Chris Hargreaves (Melbourne University CC)
2. Chow Ho Lee (SKCC)
3. Patrick O’Keefe (MCL)

Sprint prime:  Connor McNally (SKCC)

SKCC club champs
1. Connor McNally
2. David Owen
3. Jonathan Yeates

Women B (14 starters)
1. Sienna Hindell (SKCC)
2. Danni Mollica (SKCC)
3. Lisa James (SKCC)

Sprint prime:  Sienna Hindell (SKCC)

SKCC club champs
1. Sienna Hindell
2. Danni Mollica
3. Lisa James

C Grade (32 starters)
1. Thomas Lynch (Melbourne University CC)
2. Zachary McPherson (Brunswick CC)
3. Alan Crawford (Carnegie Caulfield CC)

Sprint prime: Francois Balland (SKCC)

SKCC club champs
1. Peter Wheatley
2. Lawrence Peters
3. Pete Canny

Women C (19 starters)
1. Alex Hailstone (SKCC)
2. Samantha Lewis (Coburg Cycling Club)
3. Jo Coombe (SKCC)

Sprint prime: Jo Coombe (SKCC)

SKCC club champs
1. Alex Hailstone
2. Jo Coombe
3. Shelley Miles

D Grade (33 starters)
1. David Wilkinson
2. Steven Flack (Pirates)
3. Adrian Tamburrino (Coburg CC)

Sprint prime: Steven Flack (Pirates)

SKCC club champs
1. Aurimas Karosas
2. Michael Leung
3. Oliver Kimberlin

E Grade (x starters)
1. Michael Leung (SKCC)

1. Zac Bright (SKCC)
2. Harry Reynolds (SKCC)

SKCC club champ
Harry Reynolds (SKCC)

Fixie Crit (27 starters)
1. Hal Hunter (Brunswick CC)
2. Blake Davis (Brunswick CC)
3. Henry Dietze (Brunswick CC)

SKCC club champ
1. Nicholas Skarajew

1. Elizabeth Nuspan (Brunswick CC)
2. Emma Jackson (Castlemaine CC)
3. Lily Johnson (Hawthorn CC)

SKCC club champ
1. Kay Doidge