Despite the number of tweets you make and your blog race reports and how many people know you know you by your ‘footyname’, I simply cannot follow everyone on facebook to work out their current form. All I really need to know is a little information week to week. This is the information which we ask you to provide when entering a Northern Combine race: Stronger, same, weaker and a line of text.
Just pick some names…
Who broke on the first lap last week? Hey there’s a “weaker”
Who has been pushing the pace too hard? Hey there’s a “stronger”
Who do you often train with? Hey there’s a “same”
Don’t know names? Try socialising a bit after or during the race ? Introduce yourself. Shy ? Well estimate- “The thin guy with a beard from Sunbury”, “The three bikebug blokes”, “The Cipolini wannabe in the brikos”. It’s going to be more instructional than:
(yes that’s an intentionally blank line and basically all I get from many riders.)
Dropped last race ? Put it in your comments. Just keep it brief.

It will take you like 5 minutes MAX, and since it means a lot to you – it will probably be fairly accurate. It takes me approximately 20 minutes per rider to even start to get this information right. So if you’ve ever wondered why it is sometimes wrong, there’s your answer.

From now on, and next season. If there is no information with your entry, I will simply assume you are good mates with Mr Cavendish, and place you in A Grade or Scratch, and no further correspondence will be entered into. Entry desk volunteers have no discretion so please do not hassle them on the day.

Good grading is up to you and your peers. So please treat your entry with the same amount of respect you expect to receive from the handicapper, and things will most likely turn out just right. If you have a better way, then please feel free to contact your Club Rep to take it to the Committee.

Many thanks, and best of luck.
Nathan Fraser
Northern Combine Handicapper.