A sunny day greeted us at Broadford on Saturday.  Sadly the wind was not our friend, the shape of the course ensuring we would be facing a head or crosswind for most of the race with the only relief being a short stretch at the beginning of each lap!

SKCC members were very well represented, making up the entire start list of 14 in the Women’s Race.  However this number dropped to 10 by start time (we did hear of two SKCC women who found themselves doing a detour via Kyneton instead of Broadford….lucky it was a nice day for a drive…and we believe the coffee was good there too! J).  Whilst we were very pleased with the SKCC turnout, we strongly encourage the girls from the other Northern Combine clubs to come out and join us next year.

A last minute wardrobe malfunction for Justyna was quickly resolved thanks to Mark Gurguis (Sole Devotion), gentleman that he is, lending Justyna a Sole Devotion jersey for the race.  (Justyna was relieved to learn she wasn’t alone in this endeavour…see pic below).  In hindsight Justyna wondered if she should have borrowed Mark’s legs too. 


(Photo credit – Lisa Byrne)

On the start line –Miranda Griffiths, her XOSize team-mate Bridget Officer, Amy Bradley, Cristine Foster, Lisa Byrne, new SKCC member Lucy Millar (returning from injury and switching to cycling to compete in her first ever road race), Eliza Bergin, Fiona Carden and SKCC Giant team represented by Alison Raaymakers and Justyna Lubkowski.

The first 10kms were uneventful.  As expected, Miranda launched an attack on the first short pinchy rise, Bridget not far behind, Amy and Cristine making up the four.  Unable to hang on, Justyna joined by Alison, Fiona and Lucy, chased hard with the front group teasingly just out of reach. 

Although they kept the front group in sight for much of the first lap, the relentless wind and dwindling numbers in the chase group eventually took its toll and it became painfully clear that the leaders were slowly moving out of sight and the race was done.

Congratulations to Miranda who soloed the 2nd lap for gold, Bridget kicked on the second last rise to the finish and got silver, Amy held off Cristine for bronze.

Contributor: Justyna Lubkowski