Bike Beyond’s Workshop is all about bikes. But we’re not a bike shop!

We have over 18 years experience in bicycle maintenance. We have maintained the bikes of Olympians, professional cyclists, pro-am teams, expedition riders and mountain bikers, thousands of commuters and tourers. We source, restore, and build bicycles for bike collectors and we’re also renowned for our bicycle cleaning and attention to detail.


To help you experience this service:
• We have opened our new workshop in Albert Park! A location that is closer and more central to most SKCC members.
• We are offering all SKCC members a 10% discount on your next bike service. Just visit us with your membership number and we will help remove all those mysterious, weird & annoying creaks.

Come and say hi and have a chat, check out some awesome bike bits and remember: Knowledge is a wealth to be shared!


0428 645 202
123 Victoria Ave, Albert Park (200m from Beaconsfield Parade!)
Bike Beyond Workshop