Gareth Knight, Mad Dog Tim McGrath & Aaron ‘Hulkamania’ Salisbury

Neometro/BELLER Straight Line Sprint
1. Gregory Hogan
2. Aaron Salisbury
3. Gareth Knight

Neometro/BELLER 5 Lap Race
1. Aaron Salisbury
2. Tim McGrath
3. Gareth Knight

It doesn’t get any better than Campagnolo, full stop!

A Grade (30 starters)
1. Rico Rogers (SKCC
2. Nicholas Walker (CCCC)
3. Patrick Drapac (Brunswick CC)

Daniel Strass launches one of his many attacks for the day

A Grade Women (10 starters)
1. Amy Bradley (SKCC)
2. Chloe Baggs (Blackburn CC)

The Canard boys have a meeting before the race, Christian (centre) was the only one tough enough to race

B Grade (15 starters)
1. James Gray (Hawthorn CC)
2. Sam Pickering (SKCC)
3. Sam Madden (SKCC)

Tour of NZ big hitter Amy Bradley (Total Rush) smashes the field and took an impressive win

B Grade Women (4 starters)
1. Nicole Schneller (SKCC)
2. Danielle Ahern (SKCC)

Winners are grinners. We should have photoshopped the kit on the right for a nice one 🙂

C Grade (14 starters)
1. Shaun Sutcliffe (SKCC)
2. Paul Aulakh (CCCC)
3. Jonathan Dredge (3RP)

One of the early breaks – Congratulations Mad Dog Tim McGrath (middle) who celebrated 12 months with his lovely partner Cassandra

C Grade Women (5 starters)
1. Grace Fryer (CCCC)
2. Julie Jackson (SKCC)

A superstar of tomorrow?

D Grade (26 starters)
1. Brent O’Shannessy (SKCC)
2. Lee Lindsay (3RP)
3. Ethan York (SKCC)

The Sole Devotion posse.

The B Grade Podium – Rod Stewart T-shirt? Poor Sam got suspended for 5 weeks for this horrible breach

E Grade (7 starters)
1. Patrick Oliver (SKCC)
2. Michael Hyde (3RP)

The A Grade podium Nick, Patrick and Rico (all under 160cms)

No wonder this bloke has broken his collarbone 8 times. Peter English practising for when he finally produces and wins a race