Heidi Buntrock

I’ve always been up for a challenge ! I’ve been involved in sport for my entire life…..nothing better than a bit of pain right ?! After trying my hand at many things I was inspired by my brother to try Triathlons. I raced for quite a few years and loved it, but due to some knee injuries and health issues I couldn’t run or race for a while, so started cycling. Initially not to compete, just for training, but I enjoyed it so much I’ve since decided to give cycling a good crack and started to race in 2011. At some point in the future I intend heading back to Triathlon to do some long course Tri’s…..gotta tick Hawaii Ironman off the list ! Looking forward to the experiences and the journey that the next few years will bring……

Coach: Robby Tiggilo (tiggs)
Hometown: Melbourne

Born in: Malaysia – believe it or not. And no I’m not Malaysian !

Strengths: I won’t quit…..and I’m working on those hills.

Cycling Since: 2010 on and off, my first real season was 2011.

Hobbies off the Bike: Drinking coffee, a good sauv blanc, or a G&T for that matter. Love getting down to the beach or through the hills……..and enjoy a good movie.


Favourite racing/cycling memory: Don’t know if I can say I enjoyed……but Nationals this year (2012) was certainly an experience……and I’m happy to say I finished !

Goals on the bike:

To get myself healthy and strong enough to “be willing and able to go too far – to see just how far I can go”…….time will tell.

When I’m not riding I can be seen…

Massaging or training clients, or chilling out with my partner Dale!