Many great Champion road cyclists started their cycling career on a mountain bike. Cadel Evans, Simon Gerrans and half of the founding members of SKCC first found their passion for two wheels amidst the mud, logs,forests and single track. Its part of our heritage and if its cycling, we love it no matter where it is. Amongst our club we also have National Champions!

To continue the support for the off-road side to cycling, SKCC would also love to see you on your mountain bike getting amongst the trees and open air.  At SKCC we’re all about quality racing and social interaction and this also applies to mountain biking. At most mountain bike events you will find some of our best road racing riders and also some of our beginners who are out there to give it a shot… which is really what this club is all about.

SKCC social mountain bike rides won’t ever clash with your road racing, its a complimentery option to continue your kms and maybe get that lycra a little muddy for a change.

Keep an eye out in the calendar page for SKCC MTB events…. its now UPDATED! (2014)

We will be attending mountain bike events in groups and as solo riders, trying everything from 3hr and 6hr to 12hr enduros, challenges or point-to-point races. We’re always looking for happy team mates to race or just have fun – so join us – there’s is a spot for everyone.

If you’d like further information on up-coming MTB events contact our MTB Director 
Alex & Sarah Lockie via email on

Want to join the SKCC MTB Club ?

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I am an SKCC Member with a full competitive CA Licence and I would like an MTB Licence as well.
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I am an SKCC Member with a non-competitive Licence but I would like to compete in MTB.
Follow this link to the MTBA website, and join the SKCC MTB club online.

I don’t have any sort of competitive licence and would like to become an SKCC member and join the SKCC MTB Club.
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Any other categories ?
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