As some of you may remember, we featured KOM Financial Advice’s NRS Team NeroKOM a few newsletters ago. Our SKCC member, Sam Basccombe is a rider for NeroKOM.

The NeroKOM team captain is Chris Miller, 2016 winner of LeTape and 2017 Bowral Classic. He puts out a weekly vlog, viewed by several thousand cyclists each time, and in this episode he talks about the etiquette of handicap races. Given we’re running through the KOM Financial Advice Women’s Handicap Series, it’s a good time to watch this. This isn’t for women, but all riders, and above all, it’s fun viewing.

You will also see the regular Beau’sBowl – where one of the riders each week does a segment on a local coffee shop the team stop at. It’s light-hearted, but a good think to note if you’re in Sydney and want a good coffee destination. They also chat about Chris’ crash a few weeks previously, a theme he returns to quite a few times in the next few episodes. There’s a lot of really interesting information about bikes and racing in these vlogs too, so always worth catching up on.

Dan from KOM Financial Advice, and rider for the NeroKOM team will be back in Melbourne mid-March for about a week, so feel free to grab him on one of the rides or email at