It time for round 3 of the Total Rush points series, and if races 1 and 2 are anything to go by, the fastest folks in town will be on the start line in South Melbourne come Sunday morning.

The Total Rush series of four races offers prize money of $3,750. Points are allocated to the top five riders in each grade and accumulated across the series.
Points system: 1st – 8 points; 2nd – 5 points; 3rd – 3 points; 4th – 2 points; 5th -1 point.

Prize money is awarded to the five riders with the highest aggregate points score across the four races.

The series is open to SKCC riders and members from other clubs, offering the chance for ANY rider from ANY grade to win the top prize money (Men’s A, B, C & D grades and Women’s A & B grades – sorry not open to Women’s C grade and E grade). Entry into all four races is not mandatory.

With prize money for both men and women on offer, the series is sure to be hotly contested and has always been a popular feature of the SKCC calendar – so get ready and mark these dates in your calendar.

Prize money:
Men – 1st $1000; 2nd $600; 3rd $300; 4th $180; 5th $150.
Women – 1st $650; 2nd $350; 3rd $250; 4th $150; 5th $120.

The series prize money is additional to the normal weekly prize money for those placed. And just for the uninitiated the handicap rules for this Points series are – two places (1st, 2nd or 3rd) and you go up a grade (subject to the discretion of the Race Handicapper).

In the event of a draw the number of wins will decide the result. If the results are still equal, then the number of second places shall decide and if still equal then the position in the final race will decide the result.

Current point standing can be found here.