Lisa Coutts

Inspired  by the 2007 TDF, my husband and I bought flat bars in the hope we might eventually  become  fit enough to go on a cycling tour. Somewhere along the way we were introduced to group rides and became hooked. Nine weeks after the flatbar purchase, I had upgraded to a road bike, had all the gear, and was riding nearly every day. By early 08 I  was attempting crit races, doing quite well and absolutely loving it. I joined SKCC and have been racing ever since. Last year I was on the first SKCC womens’ team and have found it a great support.  I come from a completely non sporting life so my cycling has been and still is one huge, rewarding and sometimes challenging learning curve…  We still haven’t made it to that cycling tour.

Coach: Aaron Christansen

Hometown: Melbourne

Born In: Northcote

Strengths: Still working on it, but sprinting and TT

Cycling since: 2007

Hobbies off the bike: Drawing, painting, photographing, looking, listening, reading and baking

Career Highlights:

2010: 3 Day Tour A grade.

Silver Victorian Club Teams Road Time Trial