For those that have not heard of this event, it is an epic, solo unsupported bike race across Australia; a distance of 5,500km (3,400mi). What does that look like? Riders have to find their own food, water and repair supplies along the route.

They ride for as long as they could each day then found somewhere to sleep, sometimes for just a few hours beside the road, before getting back on the bike.

The event starts in Fremantle, crosses the sparse Nullarbor plains, through to lush surrounds and urban scapes of Adelaide, on to Melbourne via the iconic Great Ocean Rd and then on through the Australian Alps to finish at Sydney Opera House.

The inaugural event was held as a race and this year’s edition was cancelled on Feb 7 when organisers said more information had come to light about the potential outcomes of a coronial inquest being held following the tragic death of inaugural race competitor Mike Hall.

However, within a day of the cancellation, 23 cyclists (more than a quarter of the field) decided to ride it anyway. This included cyclists from the US, Europe, India, New Zealand and Thailand.

That group of hardy and inspirational cyclists included two SKCC members, Claire Stevens and Purdie Long. They started their journey from WA at 622am on March 17 and have both just finished crossing the Nullabor and making their way to Adelaide. We’ll keep you updated on their progress. Ride safely and go ladies; you’re both amazing!!!

You can track their progress here :