This initiative is brought to you by – a race for women who have never participated in a criterium before. would love to see more women riding and experiencing competitive cycling for the first time, and they know that getting started is often the biggest challenge. If you’ve ridden in a bunch and have wondered what it would be like to race a criterium, but are just a little nervous about starting with seasoned competitors, this is the event for you.


The Novice Women’s Crit Race will be raced over 25mins, so it’s short. It will be marshalled by experienced riders from Total Rush, so it will be controlled and safe. You’ll be able to experience what it feels like to ride a criterium circuit in a bunch, but in a supportive environment.

But that’s not all……before the event you will have the opportunity to practice a variety of skills during Latte Laps, a crit training session run by Olympian Rob Crowe from Ridewiser. In this session you will gain invaluable advice on skills that you can use for everyday riding as well as in a competitive environment.

So… what do you need?

  • A road bike and a helmet (sorry no flat bars, hybrids or MTBs)
  • A 3 race licence or a day licence
  • Coffee money!!

Where is it?
At the St Kilda Cycling Club’s Criterium Circuit, cnr of Boundary St and White St, South Melbourne.

By the time you’ve finished Latte Laps the coffee will be roasting and the music will be pumping!


How do I get a 3 race licence or a day licence?

  • 3 race licences can be purchased online here for $55. Day licences can be purchased on the day for $40 (a 3 race licence is much better value)

What does a 3 race licence or a day licence entitle me to?

  • A 3 race licence will entitle you to participate in 3 events on 3 different days. We’d recommend you use them as follows:
  1. Latte Laps 26/10 followed by the Novice Women’s Criterium (race entry fee for this event is covered by the purchase of your 3 race licence)
  2. Latte Laps 16/11 followed by either the mixed E Grade Novice race or the Women’s C Grade Criterium (entry level). A race entry fee is applicable on this day
  3. Latte Laps 7/12 followed by either the mixed E Grade Novice race or the Women’s C Grade Criterium (entry level). A race entry fee is applicable on this day
  4. Once you’ve dabbled in competitive cycling and think, “hey! This is for me!” you can upgrade your 3 race licence to a full competitive licence and receive a $44 rebate off the cost of a full licence.

A day licence entitles you to participate in a single day event. Entry into the Novice Women’s Criterium is included in the purchase of a Day Licence. No rebates apply to upgrades.

What time does everything start?

6am (ouch)            check in for Latte Laps

6:15am                  Latte Laps begins

7:15am                  Latte Laps concludes

7:30am                  Check in for the Novice Women’s Criterium – then it’s coffee time!

7:55am                  Race briefing for the Novice Women’s Criterium

8:00am         Novice Women’s Criterium begins

8:30am         Novice Women’s Criterium concludes


Interested in this opportunity?

What are the next steps?

Buy a 3 race licence here

Enter the Novice Women’s Criterium here (no charge if you have purchased a 3 race licence)

Register for Latte Laps here, on the Ridewiser website (also no charge, go to Road Rides and put in the date and it will take you to the event registration)

  • Online Entries for the Novice Criterium open at midday Sunday, 19th October
  • Online Entries for the Novice Criterium close at 6pm Saturday, 25th October
  • Online 3 race licence purchases are open 24/7
  • Registration for Latte Laps is open now and filling fast (numbers are capped at 50)