Hannah Vine

Hannah Vine a.k.a. Han

I think I may have earned myself a new nickname after being quite ‘vocal’ at the recent Phillip Island race but no-one’s told me what it is! I started cycling while recovering from a running injury in 2006 when some friends convinced me to join them on the Wednesday morning SKCC girls ride.  I spent the next couple of years riding socially and drinking lots of coffee. Last year I ramped up my training and competed in a number of club races.  At the moment, I am building up my racing experience with a view to competing in national level races before the end of the year. I love the adrenalin and sense of achievement that you get from cycling, whether riding with friends or racing.

Coach: David McKenzie
Hometown: Brighton, Victoria
Born: UK
Licence: Road Elite
Height: 1.65m
Weight: 59kg
Strengths: Determination and recently I’ve learnt to recognise when the crucial moment in a race has arrived – the point where you give everything you’ve got.
Cycling Since: 2006
Hobbies off the Bike: horse-riding, camping & the outdoors, most sports involving water and buying lottery tickets!