A fun and new idea to get yourself to throw your leg over a track bike! Being the best club, we have a wealth of knowledge in this area with our passionate track riders, HunterBros who will be down on the day.
  • Sunday 7:30am.
  • 10 -15mins training session run to help riders familiarise.
  • 10-15mins + 3 laps of racing.
  • $nil cost to enter however all participants must be CA registered. You can register through EntryBoss.
  • No prize money.
  • There will be other grades using the course at the same time. Normal passing on the right applies.
Other regulations and rules are as follows, please be sure to read carefully to avoid any potential problems on the day!
  1. Track bike required.
  2. Drop handlebar required.
  3. Lock-ring required.
  4. Traditionally spoked wheels required (no TT wheels).
  5. No quick release skewers.
  6. Clipless pedals required.
  7. Clincher, Tubular, or Tubeless tires are permitted.
  8. Bike mounted cameras are permitted.
  9. Brakes prohibited.
  10. Lights and reflectors prohibited.
  11. Road bike to fixed-gear conversions prohibited.
  12. Pedal/toe straps prohibited.
  13. A reasonable gear ratio should be used. 48×14 for men and 49×15 for women is a good starting point. Excessively large gear ratios are not recommended.
  14. Tubular tires must be properly glued.
  15. Tubular tape is not recommended.
  16. All components must be in safe mechanical condition.
  17. Do not attempt to race with worn out and dangerous parts – The drivetrain (chain, chainring, lockring, cog, pedals, shoes, and cleats) must be in good condition.
  18. The rear wheel must sit entirely in the rear dropout. If it does not you must shorten your chain.
  19. Handlebars must have bar tape and bar ends.