SKCC stalwart Pip Read has a new adventure in her sights as she and partner Fran move to South Australia to begin another phase in their lives.Pip has always been involved and available and has done her share of marshalling and mentoring new riders, stepping up for club teams in some elite events, and has always been a strong competitor for SKCC in Masters events around the country.
On behalf of the SKCC Committee, Women’s Committee and all SKCC members we wish Pip all the best on her new life in SA. Pip will be fondly remembered as one of our longest serving members and a great contributor.
Here’s a few words and some fond memories from Pip……
“It is with much sadness that I am leaving the club, as I’ve been a member of SKCC for twelve years.
I do have some really great memories of those 12 years, the great friendships, the excellent racing and just being part of a very active club that has always encouraged me and others to give it a go.
Just a few happy memories that spring to mind are the first (and I think only) SKCC Mountain Bike Championships that were held at Phil Anderson’s home on The Great Ocean Road near Apollo Bay. We used his driveway and a single track that he and others had created going back down the hill away from his house. After the race we all had a guided tour of Phil’s collection of bikes and memorabilia.  I won the Women’s race, I even found the trophy the other day but unfortunately it has no date (around 2003 I think), so I guess that makes me the current Women’s Mountain Bike Champion. I will never forget arriving at the top of Phil’s driveway and being greeted by Phil as he stuck his hand out and said “Hi my name is Phil” (like I didn’t know) to which I said “Hi my name is Philippa” and got just the biggest smile from him!.
Another very proud memory was being awarded Club Person Of The Year in 2007. Not sure what I did to deserve this honour, I suppose if you keep sticking your head up, sooner or later someone is going to notice you.
Being awarded the 2011 Victorian Female Masters Cyclist of the Year was a highlight, especially having support on the night from my partner Fran and friends from SKCC.
Being part of the first SKCC Women’s Team.
Being a founding member of the first version of the CycleSport Victoria Women’s Commission.
It seems like it was only yesterday that I joined, until I stop and think about it……If you feel the need, have a look at the SKCC Hall of Fame, I’ve never been very good at blowing my own trumpet !
Fran and I will be moving to South Australia and I will be joining a new club in SA. But I’ll always have a soft spot for SKCC, and will be keeping up to date via club newsletters and maybe a Social Membership.
Pip Read