Crit racers……..if you thought it was time to hibernate, think again !

As part of it’s commitment to the Northern Combine SKCC hosts two races over the winter months. The SKCC Trophy race and one kermesse/crit.

This Saturday the 5th July is kermesse time and our event has been chosen to test out a brand new and exciting 1.2 kilometer crit course, only 12 minutes from the CBD.

There’s nothing boring about this course, it has it’s technicalities and it’s on private and closed roads with full traffic management, the temporary speed humps are being removed, and permanent speed humps have been re-profiled to accommodate racing cyclists.

So where is it ?

Essendon Fields……just head out on the Tulla freeway, take the Matthews Avenue exit, turn right onto English St and in a few metres, turn left onto Larkin St and there the car park and registration area awaits you.

Head to the Northern Combine website and enter now.
Course map, location, start times are all listed.

Grades accommodated are Men’s A/B/C/D and Women’s A/B/C.
This is the third race in the Northern Combine Women’s Series.

See you there !