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You may be aware of the proposed development of the land and area around SKCC’s Port Melbourne crit circuit. At some time in the future this may require us to relocate racing.

We have had feedback from council that it will be around three years until this occurs, if then.

For the last six years (probably more) the SKCC committee, with support from some members, have been discussing the development of a permanent crit racing facility in inner Melbourne. We have identified over 10 different locations as potential homes for the crit circuit and had numerous meetings with council and state government representatives over that period.

These proposals have not met with a lot of success and following a review of our approach, we decided to enlist the support of Cycling Victoria and Melinda Jacobsen (ex SKCC president and previous CEO of Amy Gillett Foundation)

Cycling Victoria have confirmed with SKCC that an inner-Melbourne criterium facility is the Number 1 facility priority for cycling in Victoria. This is a great step forward and the team are now proceeding on a number of fronts:

  • Development of educational and marketing materials highlighting the needs of cycling and our proposed options
  • Completed sourcing of funding for a Victorian cycling facility study that will form the basis for future funding allocations
  • Meetings with various local and state government & statutory authority representative to highlight the need for a state-based facility
  • Options available to CV/SKCC to influence planning & development processes to safe guard the current crit circuit and/or securing a suitable alternative location.

Crit racing is fundamental to the soul and spirit of SKCC. The committee and myself will continue to work towards securing the long-term access to a crit facility as well as keeping you informed of our progress.

How can you help?…

If you know or are speaking with a politician of any creed, color or flavour, let them know you are passionate about cycling and the need for a permanent inner Melbourne crit facility. If you have contacts that may be useful or have knowledge of these processes, please contact me!

Anthony Seipolt – SKCC Club President
Mobile: 0418 889 890
Skype: anthony_seipolt