You may remember the concrete barriers on Johnson Street at the end of the last  crit season. These will be with us for the duration of 2010/2011 due to Melbourne Water’s Main Sewer Replacement.  Pictured here are Megan Watkins and Jamie Gough from works contractors John Holland who have been very helpful in working with SKCC to mitigate any inconvenience. Barriers will be repositioned (as far as possible) before the season to allow racing with much the same road width as before.

For those interested in helping the race committee this is an example of the sort of task that we delegate to those on the sub committee – working with community stakeholders.  The AGM is coming up and we could do with some volunteers to serve in particular on the Race Sub-Committee. It really is easy and we won’t burden you with a stack of work – just simple jobs like resolving a traffic management issue such as this.

Male or female, race experienced or not  – all you need is a little enthusiasm and a little time now and then. For more info on joining the Race Sub-Committee please email Robbie Moore.