SKCC is active in the community and supports various causes with The Sacred Heart Mission (SHM) of St Kilda and the Amy Gillett Foundation being our two preferred charities. Both SKCC and the SHM have considerable ties with the St Kilda community and we are proud to offer any help we can.



Founded in 1982 by Fr Ernie Smith the Sacred Heart Mission responds to the basic needs of those who seek assistance. The work of the Mission is centered around St Kilda and is sustained by the deep pool of generosity and talent within the organisation and the broader community. The Mission addresses homelessness and disadvantage by providing a range of diverse and creative services that:


– ensure people have access to necessities including housing, food and healthcare; and

– enable people to connect with their community and develop support networks that sustain and nurture their lives.


We urge our members to support this charity wherever possible. The club holds social events

and various fundraisers throughout the year which help raise funds for this very worthwhile charity. For more information on the Sacred Heart Mission please log onto their website at



This foundation was established following the tragic death of an aspiring Australian cyclist named Amy Gillett in 2005. Amy was on a training ride in Germany with several of her team mates when she was hit by a car and tragically died. The Amy Gillett foundation was established to ‘Promote a

shared respect between motorists and cyclists’.


The Foundation seeks to highlight the importance of being responsible every time we head out on the road whether we’re on two wheels or in four. It’s not rocket science and it’s something we can all do every today – because everyone deserves to arrive home safely irrespective of their chosen mode of transport.


SKCC supports the Amy Gillett Foundation as a Foundation 500 member and urges members of the club to ride responsibly and to treat other road users respectfully. For more information on the Foundation please view the website at


Family violence affects one in five women over the course of their lifetime, and is one of the leading causes of death, disability and illness in Victorian women aged 15 – 44.  Although it is accepted that it is more commonly women and children who are victims of male violence, this is not always the case.

Family and domestic violence is any violent, threatening, coercive or controlling behaviour that occurs in family, domestic or intimate relationships. This includes not only physical injury but direct or indirect threats, sexual assault, emotional and psychological torment, economic control, damage to property, social isolation and any behaviour which causes a person to live in fear.

If you feel unsafe or are concerned for someone’s safety, please call 000 to be connected to the police.

For more information or to find support for victims of domestic violence visit: