Cycling Tasmania have recently released a statement indicating that there is an appetite to move towards AusCyclling and have now called an EGM (Special State Council) to vote on the AusCycling resolutions.  This meeting will be held on September 12.  Read their full statement here:  Cycling Tasmania Statement

If the outcome of the vote at that meeting is in favour of Cycling Tasmania entering AusCycling, there will be 6 CA affiliated states in favour of joining and we would expect to join AusCycling in due course (subject to formal approval at a CA GM).

On  the 27th of  August 2020 five Voting Members (Cycling Queensland, Cycling NT, Cycling ACT, Cycling Victoria and Cycling SA) with at least 5% of the votes that may be cast at a General Meeting of the company, requisitioned that the board of Cycling Australia convene a General Meeting of CYCLING AUSTRALIA LTD (CA) in accordance with clause 10.2 (a) of the CA Constitution in order to consider the resolutions proposed in relation to  Auscycling.

Consequently, the CA board has convened a General Meeting of CA that will be held on 19 September 2020.

With MTBA and BMXA already confirmed to form AusCycling, work has continued towards the scheduled Oct 1st commencement date.

Coaches will be pleased to learn that all current accreditations will roll over to the new system.  The AusCycling coaching and development staff are hard at work combining resources, updating coaching and instructor courses, and moving parts of the delivery process online.

Future courses will consist of generic coaching and skills instruction content along with specific modules which will allow coaches/skills instructors to specialise in one or more cycling disciplines.