Good news received recently is that Parks Victoria has confirmed SKCC should be racing at Albert Park late this year, subject to F1 bump in/out periods and requirements.
If all goes well (including traffic management requirements), we hope to run 10 to 12 races between October and December 2021. We will need to work closely and collaboratively with the Grand Prix Corporation to maximise our racing days and their needs. We are also hoping they will agree to us using the full circuit for a race in the lead up to the GP.
Expect more information and confirmed dates in the coming months following further discussions with Parks Victoria, the GP Corporation and other authorities. We will also be seeking volunteers to assist in running the races.
Circuit – hot dog that’s not a hot dog
Some members have expressed concerns that the circuit will be a hot dog (up and back on Lakeside Drive). Yes, on a map the circuit represents a hot dog course. However, the total course length will be about 3.2km (1.6km each way). To put that into context:
• The former SKCC White Street circuit: 1km
• CCCC Glenvale: 1km
• Sandown: 3.1km
The turnaround areas will be wide enough to allow riders to carry some speed through the corners. On this course, A grade men would be doing about 15 laps for a one-hour race. It will certainly be different racing each week as the area is so exposed! Look out for those windy days – you will certainly be hoping for a good wheel to sit on.
Albert Park Lake road works
If you have ridden around the lake you will have seen significant road works have been completed. There has been some feedback on the completed works on social media along with community letters sent to MPs. Parks Victoria has reached out to SKCC for feedback, which we have provided.
Summary of the feedback:
1. The additional width of the car parking on Lakeside Drive was to provide a “door buffer” zone to protect cyclists when drivers are exiting vehicles. Though positive in concept, with the current markings the drivers can park anywhere within that zone, including to the far right against the bike lane. Though the intention is to protect cyclists, it has decreased safety due to narrowing the bike lane.
2. The bike lanes on Lakeside Drive in both directions are too narrow for riding two abreast safely. The intention of narrower bike lanes was to discourage cyclists riding three to six abreast and allow cars enough room in their lane to pass. We have pointed out that this concern is a furphy.
3. The car lane is too wide. We commend Parks Vic for lowering the Lakeside Drive speed limit to 40kmh to encourage motorists to use Queens Rd. However, the width of the lane givens an impression of a wide road that vehicles can user at faster speeds.
4. We are also in discussions about removing some road features that would interfere with the turnaround point at the golf club end of the circuit.
Fortunately, all works are temporary. At the completion of the 2021 Albert Park F1 (with Ricciardo winning) the whole F1 circuit will be completely resurfaced, with fresh line marking for all those suggested changes.

– Lewis Fulcher