A Message from The President, on behalf of the SKCC Committee


Well, what an evening that was for me and any other committee members who couldn’t stop checking the club’s various social media tools seeing the feedback come in about the kit design. It was like a car crash, in really slow motion.

It was painful to say the least, but not because the kit design was good or bad but because I felt like we as a committee had let the members down by underestimating your passion for both the club and it’s kit.

At the same time, it was really heart-warming to see how much people cared about it.

Clubs, like businesses, are always in danger of losing passion within their culture as they grow. The SKCC has experienced very steady growth over the years but what this exercise has illustrated very clearly is that the culture remains true, and the passion of its members never stronger. This is a wonderful thing.

A process was followed over quite a length of time to arrive at the new design and within that process there were a range of directives. There was always a danger that the end design could fail to gain acceptance of the members, and this certainly seems to be the case.
With all this in mind we are going to re-visit the design with the assistance of some additional thinkers, movers, shakers and stalwarts.

I’m really grateful for everyone’s feedback, patience and passion!

It’s a bloody amazing club.

I hope to see you all at the big event on Sunday.

Andrew Gooding
SKCC President