A dedicated women’s sub-committee was formed in mid 2008 “To encourage, support and provide opportunities for women of all ages and abilities to reach their cycling goals”.

The achievements and momentum created by this initial group of five members has resulted in the Sub-Committee continuing into 2014 and beyond. The current sub=committee is comprised of the following roles and SKCC members:

Claudia Lajeunesse (director)
Michelle Hyde
Fats Tajbhai
Al O’Toole
Alison Raaymakers
Claire Chandler
Reese Masita
Lisa Byrne
Gaelene Snelling

Please contact us on 0414 432 850 or info@skcc.com.au  if there is something you would like to see in the womens column, would like to get involved in any capacity or if you have any ideas to improve what we are currently doing.