We’re very fortunate to have a number of sponsors, supporters and member businesses who are offering some very special offers and discounts to SKCC members. To submit an offer, email businessnetworking@skcc.com.au

SKCC Sponsor and Supporter Businesses


SKCC Member Businesses have some great offers for members, too

Expert Cloud Accounts

Free quote or consultation with Expert Cloud Accounts

Genevieve Sutherland is not only a long term member of SKCC, she’s also actively involved in the running of the club, using her expertise from her business, Expert Cloud Accounts to make sure all the bills are paid. 

Gen’s run her business, Expert Cloud Accounts, for over five years now. What sets ECA apart from the others is that they offer conversion and training to ensure that small businesses are empowered with the skills and knowledge to make the most of their finances.

Genevieve is offering SKCC members a free quote or consultation; you can contact her via gen@expertca.com.au or 0421 343 918.


SKCC member offer

Custom Cycling Orthoses for just $400, including consultation fees 
Luke’s company, Orthotics Victoria, developed a range of Custom Carbon Fiber Cycling Orthoses for those who may have foot or lower limb pain, or alignment issues on the bike. They prescribe and fit custom orthotics using advanced manufacturing techniques to provide greater accuracy and better value than traditional orthoses. Our cycling orthoses are also helpful in improving power in patients with existing foot problems, including ‘flat’ or pronated feet. They’re currently offering custom cycling orthoses for $400 including all consultation fees; or standard foot orthoses for $350.

You can find out more and book an appointment by visiting their website at:




Explore new technology and innovation with 10% off digital media services and a free initial media consultation from Bison United. Jessica and her team will work with you to plan, brainstorm, and experiment to create a product that is well designed, functional and unique. Bison is well known for offering customers a ‘clean and sharp’ digital media product, exceptional customer service and the very best video content. Their objective is to continue to lead the digital media sector in new directions with a studio that contains the latest in photography, video, and IT equipment.

0409 016 574
03 9329 3966 (office)