December 2, 2019

Race Results – 24th November 2019

PLACEGETTERS SPRING/SUMMER 2019/2020 RACE DATE: 24 November 2019 VENUE: South Melbourne EVENT: SKCC Criterium WEATHER CONDITIONS: Overcast and windy A Grade (42 starters) 1 Jensen Plowright (Hawthorn CC) 2 Pat Drapac (Brunswick CC) 3 Rico Rogers (SKCC) Women's A Grade (12 starters) 1 Hayley Jenkins (Brunswick CC) 2 Samantha De Ritter (SKCC) 3 Rebel Brooker (Tolland CC) B Grade (32…

November 18, 2018

The SKCC CCCC Shield 2018/19!!!

Summer Crit season 2018-19 CCCC/SKCC Shield Challenge is on again! Go here to find out all about it! Club pride and bragging rights are on the line! Lets make sure we turn up at Glenvale and earn those points!  

October 29, 2018

Racing Permits Here

To sign up for a Race Licence CLICK HERE To sign up for a 2 month Trial Licence.CLICK HERE

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October 29, 2018

KOM Financial Advice Women’s Sprint Series Calculations

      A special 3 race Womens Sprint Series. Each running the usual womens grade - WA WB and WC Races usual lengths - eg WC 35mins +3 laps One sprint point mid race 1st - 3 points 2nd - 2 points 3rd - 1 point Finish line sprint 1st - 4 points 2nd…

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