It is very sad but this is the final chapter for an iconic piece of Melbourne cycling.

2019 will be the final year of racing at White Street for both normal club racing and the final year of the Shimano Super crit.

We have previously communicated that this would be the last year of club racing at White Street as a result of the change in the area from industrial to residential. We have known this day would come for many years, so Mel Jacobsen and successive committees have worked tirelessly with all levels of government throughout that time to try and find a solution before it actually arrived.


The Super Crit has been a showstopping event for SKCC since 2012, and was built as a “glorified club” race, capitalising on the “pro riders” who were back from Europe for their off-season and looking for a hard hit out. How could we forget the blistering break away of Greg Henderson and Pat Lane in that first scorching year?  However, as the years have progressed, things have changed. The pro riders have more training camps during the December period and are harder to engage as they are all committed to specific programs for their upcoming seasons.  Costs have increased. From its inception, the event was conceived and driven by passionate volunteers, but as they have moved on it has become increasingly difficult to replace their dedication and selfless drive.
Let’s not dwell on the facts of our future though.  It is time to focus on making the 5 club races (Nov 10 – Dec 15) and Super Crit 2019 the best ever!!!


Do yourself and SKCC a favour by entering the racing, volunteering, buying a VIP ticket or purchasing a corporate marque allocation.


We’d like to say a massive thanks to one of our key partners for the 2019 racing season City Mazda Melbourne. Without their support and help the 5 club races scheduled would not happen!! If you are in the market for a car or need your current car serviced please make sure you call into their brand new show room and tell them you are a part of SKCC.


Finally, joining us to send White Street racing off in style, our major and long time partners Shimano, KOM financial Advice and Total Rush are back supporting the club for 2019! Please support the businesses that support us, They make this all possible.


If you have any queries or you would like to look for sponsorship opportunities please email or


See you at the racing!!




Lewis Fulcher
SKCC President
0400 820 477