SKCC’s Social Sub-Commitee


Please email your friendly Social Director, Reese Masita at if you have any questions, suggestions or would like to help at upcoming social events.
Social Sub-Committee
Karen Kennedy
Cat Haggart
Liza Holdsworth
Stacey Katelis
Kate Fitzpatrick
Kellie Savage
Libby Williams

Be sure to follow us on SKCC facebook, twitter, subscribe to the club newsletter or check out the calendar, to know when the next event is on!


SKCC’s annual Social Function

Each year we hold an event to celebrate the year of cycling & thank you for being a dedicated SKCC member.  The events in the past have been the Peloton Ball, a massive, black tie, high class evening of dancing, live bands & fun and entertainment.  Tickets sell out every year and its the best cycling related event of SKCC’s social pages.


 Velo Vendredi & Club Ride

Velo (Bike) Vendredi (Friday) is held monthly between October and April. We visit our SKCC sponsors and cycle friendly cafes throughout Melbourne for a morning coffee on the club. Those wishing to join a club ride on these days meet at Cafe Racer for a roll to Mordialloc paced in the low 30’s, and returning to finish at the designated Cafe. Watch your SKCC Facebook, Twitter & Newsletter close for dates and locations.

Club Ride: Leaves from Cafe Racer
Time: 6am – 7am
V V Venue: TBA via FB, Twitter & Newsletter
Time: 7am – 8am
What you’ll need:
Your kit or your CA licence/membership card displaying your SKCC membership. To receive your token to claim your complimentary hot drink, see your designated Social Committee Member. SKCC’ers are encouraged to wear their Club kits on the Club Ride.