St Kilda Cycling Club (SKCC) and the CharterMason Drapac Development Team (CMDDT) are proud to announce the formation of a mutually beneficial partnership that will see CMDDT become the official elite men’s team of the SKCC.

For CharterMason Team Principal Leigh Parsons this arrangement offers his team the best possible outcome: “For the CharterMason Team this means we have the backing of Australia’s best and biggest cycling club. Everyone who knows cycling in Australia knows what a terrific job SKCC does with all aspects of the sport from the summer crits, through to the social side of cycling. It was clear to us; a partnership with this club is perfect.”

SKCC President Andrew Gooding has said that after deliberating on the proposal, the SKCC Committee believe that the partnership with CMDDT will not only give club members a team to cheer for, but also offers ambitious riders the opportunity to progress from E grade through to world standard.

“The Charter Mason Drapac Development Team not only compete in local club events— including our crit racing— but they will be competing in the Victorian Road Series (VRS) and more specifically, they will be focusing on making a presence in the Subaru National Road Series (NRS). CMDDT’s partnership with Drapac Professional Cycling (DPC) is also important as DPC are set to become a Pro Continental team in 2014. So there is now a clear path for SKCC members who dream of being a pro rider. You can progress as far as your talent and determination permit.”

Look out for one of SKCC’s best riders, who will be taking a guest ride with CMDDT in the forthcoming Tour of Tasmania.

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