TL- R: Justyna Lubkowski, Harriet Smith & Nicky St Clair (all SKCC, 4th equal), Kim Taggart (SKCC, 3rd), Tessa Fabry (Brunswick, 2nd), Clare Morgan (SKCC, 1st)

The weather gods turned on a cracker of a day for the last race for the Northern Combine Winter Road season, the SKCC Kermesse. They kicked winter out the door in readiness for the first day of Spring the following day. Shorts & thongs were abundant as spectators soaked up the rays, the local café, conveniently located right on the start/finish line, opened their doors for coffee and food (and toilets). SKCC sponsor Physio Health was on hand offering free massages to riders post-race and if the queue was anything to go by their expertise was a welcome addition to the day.

All of this was an appropriate backdrop for the last race in the Northern Combine Women’s Points Series. In its second year the 2013 series was sponsored by Hawthorn & St Kilda CC’s with the battle for 1st & 2nd places between SKCC’s Clare Morgan and Brunswick’s Tessa Fabry. The remaining three places of the five place podium could have gone to any of about a dozen women, but a strong showing on the day saw four SKCC women take the money. The photo above shows the entire podium all clutching their winning prize money envelopes and a posy of fragrant spring blossoms.

For more photos, see this weeks newsletter here.


Men’s A Grade
James Butler (Sunbury)
Dan Wilkins (SKCC)
Ben Pascall (Coburg)
Shaun Krawitz (SKCC)
 Tyson Breen (Brunswick)

Women’s A Grade
1st  Claire Morgan (SKCC)
2nd Jenny MacPherson (SKCC)
3rd Justyna Lubkowski (SKCC)

Men’s B Grade
Simon Gamble (SKCC)
2nd Ashley Yelland (Coburg)
3rd Greg Knappstein (Hawthorn)
4th Peter Tzimas

Women’s B Grade
1st  Kim Taggart (SKCC)
2nd Nicky St Clair (SKCC)
3rd Sarah Knights (Brunswick)

Men’s C Grade
1st  Robert Merkel (Sunbury)
2nd Matt Newton (SKCC)
3rd Chris Anderson (SKCC)
4th Costa Chronis (SKCC)

Women’s C Grade
1st  Nathalie Simoens (3RL)
2nd Sue Madden (Hawthorn)

Men’s D Grade
1st  Mick Carter (SKCC)
2nd Jake Pickard (Sunbury, 2nd)
3rd Normie Chan (Hawthorn)