SKCC Crits Timetable 2015

The next Crit season is just around the corner and we are looking forward to another great race calendar! After much discussion, we are moving to a new schedule. There are also new time slots where we can hold Junior racing if we get numbers.

With the new timetable we are starting earlier in the day and our last race is 
back to a 10:15am start, as it was two years ago.

We hope you like the new schedule - as always it will suit some and not
others, as we try balance everyone's wishes.

John Kelly
SKCC Race Director



SKCC member, Amy Bradley has been living, breathing and competing over in the USA for almost a season now, and over the weekend, she was lucky enough to catch the efforts of another SKCCer, Stuart Tripp, para-cyclist extraordinaire. Stu is over in the US for the Road Para World Championships. We’ll let Amy’s few words here speak for themselves!