Crit racers........if you thought it was time to hibernate, think again !

As part of it's commitment to the Northern Combine SKCC hosts two races over the winter months. The SKCC Trophy race and one kermesse/crit.

This Saturday the 5th July is kermesse time and our event has been chosen to test out a brand new and exciting 1.2 kilometer crit course, only 12 minutes from the CBD.

There's nothing boring about this course, it has it's technicalities and it's on private and closed roads with full traffic management, the temporary speed humps are being removed, and permanent speed humps have been re-profiled to accommodate racing cyclists.

So where is it ?

Essendon Fields......just head out on the Tulla freeway, take the Matthews Avenue exit, turn right onto English St and in a few metres, turn left onto Larkin St and there the car park and registration area awaits you.

Head to the Northern Combine website and enter now.
Course map, location, start times are all listed.

Grades accommodated are Men's A/B/C/D and Women's A/B/C.
This is the third race in the Northern Combine Women's Series.

See you there !


L:R Husband and wife duo Von Micich & Shane Miller

For the second year running SKCC has combined an ITT Club Championship event with the Northern Combine ITT Championships.

Yesterday mornings weather swung from wild wind gusts to brilliant winter sunshine then back to overcast skies and a brisk and chilly breeze,,,,,all within minutes. But no complaints from the 75 Senior Combine riders (including 3 AWD's) and 20 or so Juniors lining up for the 'Race of Truth".
21 SKCC Seniors (including one AWD, our very own Stuart Tripp) and 1 SKCC Junior made the trip out to picturesque Balliang to challenge for the multiple titles on offer.

Shane Miller took out the Male Championship title for both the Northern Combine and SKCC, and to add a double double.......Shane's partner Von Micich took the Women's MAS123 Northern Combine title and the SKCC Women's Championship title. They are both pictured above looking very pleased with their trophy haul.

Dale Maizels was also happy with her day out taking the Women's MAS4/5/6 title for the Northern Combine and the SKCC Women's MAS4/5 Title for SKCC.

Overall Northern Combine results can be found here

SKCC Championship results are listed below

Category First Surname Time
Juniors Kallum Parlevliet TBA
AWD Stuart Tripp 43.16
MMAS4/5 Dave Fairburn 36.59
MMAS4/5 Mark Hutchison 37.41
MMAS2/3 Shane Miller 31.34
MMAS2/3 Brian Darby 34.36
MMAS2/3 Jason Richards 37.18
Championship Shane Miller 31.34
Championship Dave Kelly 33.04
Championship Morgan Smith 33.17
Championship Brian Darby 34.36
Championship Dave Fairburn 36.59
Championship Jason Richards 37.18
Championship Mark Hutchison 37.41
Championship Christopher Taylor 50.12
WMAS4/5 Dale Maizels 41.32
WMAS4/5 Jo O'Shaughnessy 42.33
WMAS2/3 Eliza Bergin 45.12
WMAS2/3 Linda Hobday 57.25
Championship Von Micich 40.19
Championship Nicky St Clair 41.22
Championship Dale Maizels 41.32
Championship Jo O'Shaughnessy 42.33
Championship Anna MacKay 44.05
Championship Eliza Bergin 45.12
Championship Nicole Ternel 46.52
Championship Sarah Mortley 48.21
Championship Kate Paterson 49.52
Championship Amy Tan 51.28
Championship Linda Hobday 57.25
Championship Naomi Dartnell 58.25