Lisa Coutts

Inspired  by the 2007 TDF, my husband and I bought flat bars in the hope we might eventually  become  fit enough to go on a cycling tour. Somewhere along the way we were introduced to group rides and became hooked. Nine weeks after the flatbar purchase, I had upgraded to a road bike, had all the gear, and was riding nearly every day. By early 08 I  was attempting crit races, doing quite well and absolutely loving it. I joined SKCC and have been racing ever since. Last year I was on the first SKCC womens’ team and have found it a great support.  I come from a completely non sporting life so my cycling has been and still is one huge, rewarding and sometimes challenging learning curve...  We still haven’t made it to that cycling tour.



Alison Raaymakers

I'm a 40 something, mother of two who returned to recreational cycling for fitness and weight loss in 2006 and, despite the mountains between St Kilda and Black Rock, remembered how much I enjoyed it!  My first race was late 2007 after participating in an SKCC Coffee Crit (now known as Latte Laps) session with Rob Crowe.  Completely hooked!



Jodie Batchelor

I started cycling as part of my rehab to an injured knee due to a fall mountaineering in NZ. I have been racing for a little while but got a bit more serious about my training about 2 years ago. Before cycling I was into Karate which I loved due to the people in the club and I also loved competing. I get the same level of friendship and completion now through cycling. Biggest influence in my cycling has been my husband David Heatley.



Justyna Lubkowski

It’s the unending self transformation that is the lure of cycling.



Jane McInnes

I have always liked going fast, whether it be snowboarding, running or cycling. This season is my second season of racing and not surprisingly I am loving crit racing at South Melbourne. The majority of my sporting career has also been in a team environment and being part of the SKCC Women’s team in 2010 made racing even more enjoyable.



Hannah Vine

I started cycling while recovering from a running injury in 2006 when some friends convinced me to join them on the Wednesday morning SKCC girls ride.  I spent the next few years riding socially and drinking lots of coffee. In 2009, I ramped up my training and competed in a number of club races.  At the moment, I am building up my racing experience with a view to competing in the UK Nationals in June this year when I am over there on an extended holiday!  I love the adrenalin and sense of achievement that you get from cycling, whether riding with friends or racing.



Karen Hill

Sport has always been an integral part of my life from a young age. Initially participating in Karate for many years as youngster and this built a passion for competitive sport and the discipline and strength for further sporting endeavours. Netball, tennis, Boxing, and rowing have also been tried and tested. More recently, looking for a new challenge I took up triathlons and have enjoyed training for the 3 disciplines. This was my introduction to cycling and my passion for the sport is only growing. I started off by joining SKCC development squad in 2010 and the SKCC/Giant race team in 2011.


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