What is the Club PRO we hear you ask? This is a familiar concept for tennis and golf clubs and something the SKCC Committee have put in place with club member and Olympian Rob Crowe from Ridewiser. Rob has provided services to the club for many years and these include Training Camps, Latte Laps, Graded Club Pro Training Rides and all manner of advice on Racing and Training development. Rob offers a variety of services that members can take advantage of. His services come with the endorsement of the St Kilda Cycling Club and we recommend them to you. Check out Rob's bio on our Hall of Fame link.

  • You can visit Rob's website at 
  • Call for more information on (03) 9534 7785
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Follow him on twitter
  • Or download an Ergo Program brochure for more info.


Bicycle & Body

  • Bike position set-up?
  • Buying advice on what parts or bike to buy for getting started, improvements or bike upgrades?
  • Referral network for specialist professionals in bike-position set-up, shoe-pedal podiatry or physiological fit-to-bike changes needed?
  • $110/hr incl. prep email(s) & post-meet notes.

Cycling Knowledge

  • Racing tactical strategies?
  • Nutrition for training and recovery (advice & products)?
  • How to improve up a metro racing grade this season?
  • Cross-training to advance your cycling performance?
  • How to get started in cycling or racing?
  • Recovery techniques after injury or rahabilitation plans?
  • Goal-setting selecting Challenge Ride, Race or Target Event?
  • Weight loss techniques?
  • Referral network for specialist professionals in nutrition, personal training, rehabilitation or weight loss?
  • $110/hr incl. prep email(s) & post-meet notes.

Cycling Skills (Road)

  • Cycling skills for bike-handling? (Bunch-riding skills, Road-riding safety with traffic, Off-road skills)
  • Cycling skills for racing? (Sprinting, Attacking, Cornering, Descending, Climbing)
  • Training techniques (Demonstrations)? (Endurance, Strength, Power, Competition)
  • Pedaling technique (Tandem riding)?
  • Group cycling training? (Team Time-Trialing, Power-Skills, Weekend Tours)
  • $110/hr incl. prep email(s) & post-meet notes.

Personal Advice

  • Lifestyle balance plan (work-life-sport time-tabling)?
  • Psychological edge for improving competition or training performance?
  • Focus strategies for better performance with cycling or work?
  • Mental issues involving accidents or phobias after crashing?
  • Motivation for training or goal performances?
  • Referral network for treatment professionals in healing injury or stress?
  • $110/hr incl. prep email(s) & post-meet notes.

Training Program

  • Cycling training program review (existing or past)?
  • Cycling training plan integrated with Ergo Training? (Ergo Plan)
  • Cycling training routes and circuits (Ridewiser Maps)
  • $110/hr incl. prep email(s) & post-meet notes.

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