NB: All SKCC Club rides will finish at PhamishMopposite Luna Park in St Kilda. Club rides will continue to leave from Cafe Racer until further notice.

After a heavy weekend of racing you need a gentle recovery ride. Departing on Mondays from Cafe Racer at 5:45am. Slow paced, small chain ring rolling turns or two abreast to Mordi and back at 30-32 km/h on a still morning. You are free to join in wearing any kit you like.  

The club offers a training ride for experienced and fit members, departing on Wednesdays from Cafe Racer at 5:45am. 
The trip to Mordi is a gentle warm-up in the small chain ring at 30 km/h on a still morning. The return trip back to St Kilda moves along at 40-42 km/h. Some riders sit behind the rolling riders at the front. Also the bunch can split with some riders returning at a sociable 30 km/h. 

SKCC KIT ONLY: The SKCC kit rule makes it visible to hangers-on, that it's a club ride and keeps the rolling turn closed and hence safer for members. Observe the guidance and directions of your fellow riders; it's for everybody's safety and skill improvement.


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Thanks to all who came down today. Registration for next Sunday is open now. If you pay on the day it's an additional $5 from next week.

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Celerity Row at SKCC Today: Michael Klim David McKenzie Matty Lloyd

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A Grade (82 starters) 1. Haydn Bradbury (SKCC) 2. Darcy Woolley (Port Fairy CC) 3. Matt Goold (SKCC)

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B Grade (60 starters) 1. Kelland O'Brien (SKCC) 2. Riley Terrens (Brunswick CC) 3. Steve Duggan (Brunswick CC)

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