Six Month Licences are available for purchase from approximately July 1st of the calendar year thru’ to approximately the 30th September of the same year. They expire on the 31st December of the same year.

Eg: Available for purchase from 1/7/15 thru’ to 30/9/15, expires on 31/12/15.

Why are they only available for purchase from July to the end of September?
Because from the first week in October, Cycling Australia make the following year’s Competitive Licences available for purchase.

So if you delay purchasing a Competitive licence until the first week of October, you will receive a 2015 licence that expires on 31/12/15, effectively getting 15 months membership for the price of 12.

NB: You can't "pre-purchase" 6 month licences, you must wait for them to become available on the CA website. If you logon to purchase a licence after approx. 1/7/15 the discounted six month licence fee will be charged automatically.

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Shimano SKCC Super Crit 14/12/14

5 hours, 30 minutes ago
stkildacc StKilda Cycling Club

The Shimano SKCC Super Crit will have the biggest names & it will also boast the biggest prize money. A guaranteed prize pool of $30,000 🏁🏁🏁

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Another top 5.45 SKCC Kit ride this morning. The new @champsys SKCC Kit numbers are growing as too the crew going to @CafeRacer14 for coffee

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Pro hours bunch ride from @CafeRacer14 again this Thursday 9.30am to Mordy & back to Racer for coffee. SKCC Kit if you have one. Easy pace.

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